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  • Supernatural Staff Picks - The Halloween Edition

    Oct 18 2019

        We've been carried away getting ready for the spooky season this week in the EE studio. Between carving pumpkins and gothing up our ...

  • Clay is the way forward...

    Sep 19 2019

    We at Eclectic Eccentricity HQ are so excited to announce that we are stocking an amazing zero-waste, cruelty free indie soap brand calle...

  • Our sister Jummai - Women for Women International

    Sep 16 2019

    September may be the month that many of us in the UK start new projects, be that beginning a new chapter at University, or packing your c...

  • The EE X Science Museum Collection!!! (pinch me)

    Sep 13 2019

      We are so very excited to announce our new EE X Science Museum Collection which has been designed exclusively with The Science Museum i...

  • Precious Metals

    Sep 04 2019

      Looking for a future heirloom or something perfect for that special someone? Look no further...   We've just launched our Precious Meta...