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Amethyst Crystal Raw Point

£9.50 GBP

Pop an Amethyst point in your bag for portable good vibes. Lean on it on those stressful days (or nights!), have it by your bedside and hold it tight for those moments when you need to let it go, power up, cleanse and be mindful, as Amethyst is said to amplify positive energies and thoughts whilst relaxing the body and mind. It's believed to aid sleep and calm your thoughts.

These stunning pale lilac points come from Vera Cruz in Mexico, famed for its stunningly beautiful violet Amethyst.

Each Amethyst point will arrive in its own EE cotton bag, complete with details of its metaphysical properties.

We can personalise the star on the bag with an initial of your choice, to make this crystal truly one for you!

Each Amethyst point is entirely unique and will measure approximately 1- 1.5" long.

You will receive ONE Amethyst point.