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Eclectic Eccentricity

If I Could Give You The Moon Moon Dust Necklace

£120.00 GBP
Moon dust - star- personalised disc

You want the Moon? You can have the Moon!

As featured on BUZZFEED and NEW SCIENTIST magazine.

Genuine actual pieces of Moon Dust have been captured in the prettiest of glass teardrop vials; how many people can say they're wearing the Moon? This is one pretty special necklace!

So how exactly have we caught the Moon? This sample of Lunar dust comes to you courtesy of the Lunar meteorite NWA 7959 which fell to Earth in 2013. Such Moon meteorites are pretty rare and only 180 known examples have been discovered - so much for gold dust, try finding Lunar dust!


Specimen dust is captured in a glass pendant finished with either a 14/20 K Gold Fill star or a personalised Sterling Silver disk and suspended from an 18" Sterling Silver chain. Pendant measures 4cm long. Will arrive presented in an Eclectic Eccentricity gift box with a full description of the meteorite.