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Rose Quartz Crystal Tealight Holder

£24.00 GBP
Rose Quartz Tealight Holder

Perfect to display or gift, these powerful chunks of universal love are what the world needs right now.  If you are looking to connect, project or bring in the warm and fuzzies on the daily, these beauties are the one to encourage this sort of positivity and all round inner wellness.

ROSE QUARTZ - believed to encourage unconditional love - both for yourself and your relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Each Rose Quartz stone will arrive with details of the metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz.

Sorry, this item cannot be shipped anywhere outside of the UK.


Each Rose Quartz stone is entirely unique and will measure approximately 9cm to 12 cm wide by 5cm tall.
There is space inside for a tealight or plant (not included).