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Eclectic Eccentricity

SECONDS SALE Totem Gemstone Totem

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SECONDS SALE: limited number of seconds totems available. There are no refunds or exchanges on these items.

These will have minor imperfections.

Cleanse your mind and your work space with these mighty desk totems. These peaceful and pretty additions can power up and purify your work area, dressing table or bedside zone with their metaphysical properties channelled from the earth and elements that made them, see meanings below.

Each totem will arrive with a card, detailing the stone's properties.

ROSE QUARTZ - said to be the stone of universal love, this crystal is believed to encourage unconditional love - both for yourself and your relationships. A perfect stone to encourage positivity and overall wellness.

AMETHYST -  believed to bring clarity to the mind of the wearer, encouraging calmness, inner peace and natural intuition.


Each gemstone measures between 45mm and 60mm high. 

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