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Ursa Major Personalised Constellation Bear Necklace

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gold plate
silver plate
Ursa Major gold

We've taken inspiration from the beasts of the skies with our mini-collection of constellation necklaces. Perfect for those who like to look up.

The third largest constellation in the night sky, the Big Dipper can be visible throughout the year in most of the northern hemisphere and is often used as a navigational pointer towards the north star.

Ursa Major, from the Latin for 'the greater she-bear', is mentioned through the centuries by poets and writers and is the subject of many myths.

A dainty gold or silver bear forms part of a larger constellation with two shining gold and silver stars.

Please let us know which letter you would like on the little star in the box above.


A gold or silver plated bear is accompanied by a matching silver or gold star - personalised with your initial.  Hung from an 18" gold or silver plated chain, bear measures just under 1".