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Eclectic Eccentricity

You Cannot Be Cirrus Cloud Necklace

£20.00 GBP
Cirrus- gold- rain
Always have your head in the clouds? You'll want to with these weather-inspired necklaces!

This gold or silver plated cloud pendant may look charming and innocent but it's threatening some seasonal weather...


Choose from:

SPRING: April showers bring a pitter-patter of dainty vintage cut glass blue raindrops.

SUMMER: The glorious hot weather has brought about an almighty thunder storm and a single silver plated lightning bolt pierces the sky.

AUTUMN: Wrap up warm! A gust of wind blows a trio of colourful vintage glass leaves.

WINTER: The world goes quiet for a moment as the first faceted glass snowflakes fall from the clouds.

Hung from an 18" gold/ silver plated chain, the cloud pendant measures 48mm across. Due to the cutting process, there will be imperfections on the clouds.